Commercial RO Systems

Stainless steel frames

Electronic controls

Continuous TDS monitoring built-in

Starter motor box

On / off switch

Gate valves

Anti-scalent device

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Welcome to AL WADI

Al wadi trading located in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates; we offer everything needed for residential, commercial, industrial and small community water filtration applications.

Our residential water quality improvement products include a wide range of reverse osmosis systems, under counter drinking water units, counter top filters, plastic filter housings, membrane housings, whole house filters, in-line filters, ultraviolet light sterilizers and residential water testing supplies. We stock for immediate shipment virtually every filter cartridge needed for water filtration and treatment, including Aqua Pro cartridges, pleated cartridges, wound cartridges activated carbon cartridges, GAC cartridges, mixed bed cartridges, cartridges with KDF@ media, iron reduction cartridges, in-line cartridges, shower filter.


Carbon impregnated paper with netting outside. Used for removal of free chlorine, removal of foul tastes, odours, colors, sediment removal