Commercial RO Systems

Stainless steel frames

Electronic controls

Continuous TDS monitoring built-in

Starter motor box

On / off switch

Gate valves

Anti-scalent device

High rejection thin film RO membranes

Efficient, high pressure pumps   motors

Flow meters for product water   concentrate

Pressure regulator valves for inlet and concentrate

316L stainless steel membrane housings (300G-600G-800G) .

GRP membrane housings (1500~14000G)

Heavy-duty pressure tubing (as on larger models)

PROCON high pressure pump (300~1500G)

Grondfos high pressure pump (1500~14000G)

Low pressure shut-off and restart

Pre-filter housings and cartridges (300 to 5,400 GPD models)

Solenoid valves for pump and flush cycle

GRP membrane housings (1500~14000G)

Heavy-duty pressure tubing (as on larger models)

Factory tested and sterilized

Comprehensive limited warranty

Packaged, ready for shipment

Our Services

Through years experiences, continuous effort in water treatment, we worked out different type of water facilities cost, maintenance and environmental study, we concern more than client

Residential Products

Manifold eliminates 17 hose connections for greater water flow. With fewer connections, potential leaks are virtually eliminated! Major components are part of the manifold so installation labor is reduced. Membranes and pre-filters are factory installed. Five stage   six stage treatments comes complete with membrane, Automatic booster pump with transformer. Pre-filters and post filter. Anti-scalene magnetic filter . Available with metal or plastic storage tank. Fifty (50) GPD membranes are standard. Touch handle faucet or star handle faucet are lead-free. 1/4" tubing from tank to faucet for greater flow. Genuine John Guest or Jaco fittings for superior performance and easy installation. Every system is factory tested for pressure, leaks, shut-off valve function and TDS rejection.

Filter Cartridges
Carbon Block Cartridges

Carbon impregnated paper with netting outside. Used for removal of free chlorine, removal of foul tastes, odours, colors, sediment removal, and for purification in plating and photo finishing applications. This impregnated carbon cartridge is constructed with an outer layer of polyolefin and synthetic fibers which removes solid particles and protects the inner carbon powder layer from premature clogging. The sulphur-free carbon provides increased carbon treatment capacity. Available with core cover, which again filters the solution and assures no carbon bleed-off, occurs.
Ceramic Cartridges
GAC Cartridges
In-line Filters
Pleated Cartridges
Polyphosphate Cartridges
pp-grooved Melt Cartridges
pp-pleated Cartridges
pp-spun Fiber Cartridges
Wound Cartridges

Shower filter

High quality shower filter allows users to easily set month of installation or the month filter needs to be replaced. 100% KDF-55 Media Calcium sulfite for Chlorine and heavy metal reduction Activated Ceramic ball Polyphosphate Activated Carbon Will not dent, rust or corrode Service Live 12000Gal or 6Month